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Our Journey to the Climate - Showreel May 2023
Markus Mauthe

Our Journey to the Climate - Showreel May 2023


Filmmakers & Storytellers for the planet


Mauthe-Media creates and produces movies, series and multimedia shows.
Our core competencies are climate and environment as well as social and societal issues.

We do well-founded and in-depth research. We tell stories based on facts and emotions. We also show solutions and opportunities for participation
. Our goal is to touch and inspire people.

Mauthe-Media wants to follow and show global developments with in-house production.
Making the change to a sustainable and just way of life visible is important to us.

Mauthe-Media realizes media ... for you, for us - for the planet.

Markus Mauthe 
Production manager

Markus Mauthe is one of the most renowned nature photographers in Germany. For over 30 years he has been traveling the world to document its beauty but also its vulnerability.

Markus Mauthe is well known as a speaker and ambassador for Greenpeace. He is the founder of the nature conservation organization AMAP, which runs reforestation projects in the rainforest and ecological cocoa cultivation

on the Brazilian cocoa coast.  

Mauthe lives on Lake Constance

as well as with his Brazilian wife Juliana on her family's farm in Bahia.

As the founder and production manager of Mauthe-Media, he is responsible for the productions.

For him it is a matter of personal importance to put his skills at the service of climate protection, sustainability and mutual tolerance.


Louisa Schneider
Creative team

Producer and Speaker

Louisa Schneider is a multimedia expert. For 4 years she worked as a moderator and journalist at the radio. Now she explains the climate crisis and social injustices with positivity, entertainment and humor. She skilfully breaks down complex issues - so that everyone understands. With her vertical videos, she inspires millions of people on Instagram or TikTok. At various events for climate protection and sustainability, she moderates top-class panels or speaks as a keynote speaker in front of an audience and thus mobilizes for holistic, just and sustainable change. Louisa Schneider works with Mauthe-Media as a consultant for Greenpeace, among others, and develops media projects such as documentaries and series.


André D´Elia
Regisseur und Produzent

André D`Elia is one of the most renowned directors and producers in South America.

For years André D´Elia has been working with numerous organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF and UNESCO to make films about the exploitation of people and the environment. As a frequent award-winner, his documentaries are among the most successful of their genre and have been streamed million times in Brazil and the USA. As part of the creative team at Mauthe-Media, André D`Elia makes films that show the destruction of the environment and injustices on our planet. For him it is a matter of personal importance to reach people, enlighten them and inspire them with unique productions. 


Nick Platzer
Creative team

Cinematograph and DIT

Nick Platzer is an aspiring filmmaker from southern Germany. After his studies

at the elite business college CBS Cologne, he decided to devote himself entirely to documenting the beauty, diversity and also the protection of our world. 

His goal is on the one hand to enlighten with his films, but also to give people a voice who are often overheard.

With his extensive technical knowledge of camera, sound and editing, he supports Markus and André and follows them to the most remote places in our beautiful but endangered planet.


Christine Wollowski
Creative team
Research and Administration

Christine Wollowski is a journalist specializing in indigenous ethnic and minority issues. She studied philosophy, literature and languages ​​in Munich and Paris. Ms. Wollowski is part of the Weltreporter Network and lives and works in Brazil. In the Mauthe-Media team, she is responsible for researching the productions and helps with administrative matters. Like everyone in the team, she never stopped believing in the possibility of a fair and sustainable form of society.